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Durable, robust and easy to use.

our grids are practical, high quality and represent great value for money

All grids come with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee for your purchasing peace of mind 


Posture Diagnosis by Prokinetics Australia

What sets our grids apart?

They're Easy to Use

Our aluminium hanger system means the grid rolls out flat and stays flat. No need to fuss around with pins, multiple holes in the wall etc etc. Just one hook or screw and that’s it. The grid is self-levelling so will hang straight and warp free. We supply all instructions for assembly and hanging with each grid.

Plus, we have even easier to use freestanding grids that are simple to put up, high-quality and easily portable. 

Couple each product with our handmade adjustable Posture Diagnosis platform and you have no-fuss posture diagnosis tools that will give you accurate and repeatable results every time.

We Source high Quality materials

We use the best quality materials we can source. All our grids have a matte non-reflective surface. This is a conscious choice as gloss or laminate surfaces are very difficult to photograph. The non-reflective surface coupled with our metric height measurements make the job of assessing and recording your patient’s and client’s posture far easier. 

They Look Good

From tall man to child the grid profile on our posture grids offers the same points of reference at all heights. We also steered away from using different coloured lines as body travel reference points in favour of just one calm dark blue colour with three distinct line thicknesses.

So our grids not only look great, they make it very easy to monitor and document postural change easily and accurately.. 


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